Access Internet On Wi-Fi Phone From Laptop's Internet Connection

Hello Friends,

Many mobile users do not have internet connection on their mobile phones, but have on their laptops. Below is the method explained to access internet on your mobile phone from your laptop's internet connection, i.e. you can access internet on both devices, mobile phone as well as laptop with your single internet connection.

Minimum Requirements :

-- Laptop with WLAN (Wireless).
-- Mobile phone with WLAN (Wireless).
-- Working Internet Connection on you Laptop.

Configuration on laptop :

Step 1 : Go to Control Panel --> Network Setup Wizard. Run it, continue by clicking "Next", Click "Next" when said "Before you continue". Then on "Select a connection method" select 1st option "This computer directly connects to the internet....", then click "Next".
Then in "Select your internet connection" select your default internet connection that you use, click next. Then in "Select your Private connection" , uncheck all, just select "Wireless Network Connection" and click next. Then give your laptop a name and click next.
Do not change "Workgroup" click next. Select "Turn on file and printer sharing" and click next. Again next in "Ready to apply network settings". -> Finish -> Restart Your Laptop".

Step 2 : After restarting Laptop, go to "My Network Places" on your laptop. On the left hand tab you can see "View Network Connections", go there. In "Network Connections" you will see all available connections for your laptop.

Step 3 : Enable "Wireless Network Connection". Right Click on "Wireless Network Connections and go to "Properties". Now in "General" tab you will find a title "This connection uses the following item". Scroll down and go to last option "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" by double click.

Step 4 : Now in "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties" click on "Use the following IP address". Below is a working example for this configuration, you can also enter the same in your laptop.

IP Address :

Subnet Mask :

Default Gateway : (Leave Blank)

Now click on "Use the following DNS server addresses"

Preferred DNS server :

Alternate DNS server :

Now click OK and return to "Network Connections".

Step 5 :  Again Right Click on "Wireless Network Connections" and go to "Properties". Now go to "Wireless Networks" tab. Check on "Use windows to configure my wireless network settings". Click on "Add", in "Network Name(SSID)" name your network for example "internet4mobile".
Click on "Connect even if this network is not broadcasting".

In "Network Authentication" select "Open".

In "Data Encryption" select "Disabled".

Select "This is a computer-to-computer (ad-hoc) network.

Click Ok and return to desktop. Now your laptop is configured successfully.

Configuration on your mobile phone :

Step  1 : On your WLAN enabled phone go to Tools -> Settings -> Connections -> Options -> New access point.

Step 2 : Following are the settings to be filled out...

Connection Name : Anything, example "internet4mobile".

Data Bearer : Wireless LAN

WLAN network name : Must be same as "Network Name(SSID)" in Laptop configuration. In this tutorial we have used "internet4mobile".

Network status : Public

WLAN network mode : Ad-hoc

WLAN security mode : Open network

Homepage : Anything you want (example

Step 3 : Then go to options -> Advanced settings. Following are the settings to be implemented there...

IPv4 settings : Phone IP address :
                     Subnet mask :
                     Default gateway : (Must be the laptop's IP)

                     DNS address : User defined

                                           Primary DNS address :
                                           Secondary DNS address : 

Do not edit rest of the settings. Your mobile phone is now configured. You can now surf internet on your phone be selecting "internet4mobile" access point. Whenever you want to use internet on your phone, internet must be connected on your laptop and wireless should be On.

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